Ms. B’s CE2 Group — For 3 June 2019

Dear Parents and Students,


We have worked very hard this past month preparing for the YLE Starters Exam which 13 out of 16 children in our group took yesterday and today! YOU DID IT! I’m so very proud of you all.

Everyone learned a lot of new words and reviewed others we’ve seen in the past. We also practiced how to read and follow instructions, especially when taking tests.

It’s now time to get back to our course book. To get ready for that, here is a picture book that will help us move from Unit 7 (Our green Earth) to Unit 8 (Home, Sweet Home).

Terrific Tree Houses

Capture d’écran 2019-05-28 à 14.11.02

Read this for next week and be ready to talk about the different tree houses you see!

Enjoy your long weekend,
Ms. B