Mr Carey’s CE2 group – for 11 March

Dear Students,

Thank you ALL for handing in your homework on time this week. I am delighted that you enjoyed writing about your favorite films and books! Please practise the following words and put them in sentences:


Also revise the following words from previous test as I will include them on your Monday test. You do NOT have to write sentences for these words:



Enjoy the break!

Mr Carey

Ms. B’s CE2 Group — For 18 February 2019

Dear Students,

We will continue learning how to say things in the past tense. This week, practice telling each other or your parents what you did yesterday!

For next Monday’s homework, please do the exercises on pages 46-47 of your Global English 2 Activity Book.

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 23.49.00.png

You may bring home your Activity Book this week if you wish to do the homework before the weekend. Just please make sure you come to class with it the next day!

Thank you,
Ms. B

Mr Carey’s CE2 group – For February 18th

Dear Students,

This week we are using adjectives to describe our favorite books and movies in class. Please write a paragraph about your favorite movie or book.

Use your copybook to help you in your writing. Do not tell me all the details of the story, tell me instead how you feel about the story and the characters. For example, do you like the characters? How did you feel after seeing the movie or reading the book? Is the ending of the story satisfactory?

Write a paragraph of 8 – 10 lines on a sheet of paper. Check over your work afterwards in order to get top marks!

Thank you,

Mr Carey


Ms. B’s CE2 Group — For 11 February 2019


Dear Students,

Our words for our next spelling test are taken from page 55 of our Global English 2 Learner’s Book.

Here are the verbs in the past tense for Spelling Test #6 on the 11th of February:

  1. watched
  2. used
  3. helped
  4. played
  5. walked
  6. talked to
  7. brushed
  8. climbed
  9. travelled
  10. waved

Bonus: yesterday

Capture d’écran 2019-02-05 à 11.26.57

Capture d’écran 2019-02-05 à 11.27.24.png

Click on this link for the CE2 Spelling Preparation Sheet.

Please bring your completed spelling preparation sheet on Monday, the 11th of February. One point will be deducted from your spelling test score if you do not submit it, or if it is not written on the sheet given in class or posted above. Remember to use a blue pen, Keep your work neat, and write legibly.

Thank you,
Ms. B