High Frequency Words: A Spelling Aid for Students of English

Image result for spellingDear Parents/Students,

Please find attached a list of high-frequency words or ‘common’ words in English. These are words that are used every day in writing and speaking. All students of English would benefit greatly from knowing how to say and spell this list of words. Although many of the words may seem too simple to warrant extra attention, it is our experience in correcting your child’s written work that these small words often pose greater problems than the more ‘difficult’ words.

This is an optional download for parents and students. This is NOT a homework exercise and will not be graded or corrected by the English team. It is simply offered as a learning aid for your children to use at home, should you wish to use it. We advise that your child works through the list of words in their own time, practising the spelling and reading of these words. Perhaps you can incorporate five words into their study sessions? Or ten words at the weekend? It will benefit their writing, build on their confidence and improve their grades in school tests.

HFWs for spellings

Thank you,

The English Team


Mr Carey’s CE2 Group- For 17th December 2018

Dear Students,

Please read the story ‘Bandar, the Greedy Monkey’ on pages 77/78 and 79 of your textbook. Then answer the following questions on a sheet of paper only.

Q1) What is your favorite part of the story? Explain why! (Note: Question is in the present tense!)

Q2) Where did Bandar live? (past tense)

Q3) Explain why was everyone was angry in the town. (past tense)

Q4) Describe Bandar the monkey in 3 sentences. What kind of personality does he have? Use interesting adjectives in your answer! (present tense)

Thank you,

Mr Carey

Revision Notes for English Exam — 14 and 15 January 2019

Dear Students,                                    Image result for Free clipart exam time

Your English teacher will be posting a revision outline before the holidays. Please read it carefully and start revising! The more time you put into revision work, the easier it will be when you take your exam. Your efforts will be rewarded with a better mark!

Happy studying!


Mr Carey’s CE2 class- For 10th December

Dear Students,

For next weeks spelling test please study the following words carefully (don’t just copy; cover and learn by heart)! Write an interesting sentence for each word on a sheet of paper and remember:

1)Do not start a sentence with ‘Because’ or ‘And’.

2) If you want to get top marks, read over your work carefully afterwards. Learn from last week’s errors. You can do it!




Thank You,

Mr Carey

Ms. B’s CE2 Group — For 10 December 2018


Dear Students,

For next Monday’s homework, please draw four jobs and write two sentences about each one of them. Here are two examples:

Capture d’écran 2018-12-03 à 13.11.18.png

I will be giving you the worksheets in class, but if you need to print it out again, click on the link below:

What can you be when you grow up?

Capture d_écran 2018-12-03 à 13.34.45

On page 140 of our Global English 2 Learner’s Book, you have a list of jobs in the Picture Dictionary to help you do the homework.

Capture d’écran 2018-12-03 à 13.09.28.png

I can’t wait to see which jobs you choose for this activity!

Thank you,

Ms. B