REPOSTING: Ms. B’s CM Group — For 17 June 2019

We will continue the presentations of our favorite works of art on Monday, the 17th of June, so be ready!

graffiti-clipart-word-333777-9239896Dear Parents and Students,

We have been busy preparing for the Movers and Flyers exams, which will be held on the 27th and 28th of May. Even those who are not taking the tests have been honing their listening, reading comprehension and writing skills.

Our next project will be about a piece of art that you love!

For Monday, the 27th of May, come to class with a photo of your favorite piece of art. Also, do Writing exercise Letter B on page 75 of our Oxford Discover 4 Work Book. 

This week, we will discuss how to write your opinion essay on this work of art on the worksheet provided, using the writing checklist found on the same page.  On Tuesday, the 11th of June, you will present your favorite piece of art, and read your essay in front of the class.

Good luck to all the Movers and Flyers test-takers!

Thank you,
Ms. B