Gabriele: Fit in Deutsch 2: Ich habe angeboten, den schriftlichen Teil zu üben: 1.Schreib eine SMS an eine Freundin: entschuldige dich, dass du zu spät kommst, schreib warum und nenn einen neuen Ort und eine neue Uhrzeit für das Treffen. (20-30 Wörter); 2. Schreib eine E-mail (Höflichkeitsform) an deine Deutschlehrerin: du bist neu in der Klasse; deine Lehrerin lädt dich ein, am Freitagnachmittag eine Party im Sportzentrum zu feiern; bedanke dich, sag dass du kommst und wie du helfen kannst; frag nach dem Weg (30-40 Wörter)

Mr Seear’s CM Revision for Exam 2 15/16 of April

Dear Students,

I heard some fantastic feedback from the Poetry Competition on Friday I am very proud of all of you for your efforts. Well done!

Below is a list of topics that will be covered in the exam. The questions will be very similar to what you have been doing in class and you have all studied well. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me over the course of the week.


Grammar: Exercises in Oxford Discover Book, and Orange Notebook


Possessive adjectives- his, their, our, my, her, your

-ing verbs used in a sentence

Prepositions of space

This, that, these, those

Reordering words to form sentence

Question words


Reading comprehension

You will read a text and answer questions similar to those in the Oxford Discover Book

You will read a text and interpret its meaning in the form of a storyboard as you have done with homework assignments




You will look at a picture and write about its content (using vocabulary for the seasons, colours, activities which has been covered over the last semester) Please check your orange notebooks and spelling sheets.


Best of luck, I am excited to see your exams,


Mr Seear


Dear Parents,

I would like the students to try top play the following game in order to help improve their spelling of common sight words.

If you are unable to access these resources at home, please leave a note for me in the ​​​​​​​​cahier des correspondance and I will make sure that I provide access to offline resources.

Have a great week.


Many thanks,

Mr Seear