Mr Carey’s CM Group – For 11 March

Dear Students,

Please learn the following ten adverbs and use them in interesting sentences:


Revise the following spellings from previous tests also as they will be used in your test when we come back from the holidays.You do not need to write sentences for these words:


Enjoy the break!


Mr Carey


Mr Seear’s CM Poetry Due: 18th of February

Dear Parents and Students,

I have been very impressed with the work that has been put in over the last few weeks! Keep it up! Vacation is just round the corner.

In May Eurecole will be hosting a poetry competition, I am sure our CM class are going to do great in it!

In preparation I would like my students to watch this video as they are learning their poem for next week.


Remember that whilst we are studying a comedic poem, body language is an important aspect of a good recital!

Students have the poem in their notebooks, however here is a copy of the pdf. I hope to see them prepared in class on Monday.

Mr Seear’s CM Poetry 18.2

Mr Seear