Mr Carey’s CE2 group – for 03rd June

Dear Students,

To follow on from this weeks classwork, please write two sentences for each of the following verbs, one sentence for the PRESENT SIMPLE and one sentence for the PRESENT CONTINUOUS. Use time expressions when appropriate such as ‘Everyday/ Sometimes/At this moment/Weekly’. Open your class copybook beside you so that you can refer to our classwork and examples!

In total you should have 20 sentences that clearly show that you understand when to use present continuous and when to use present simple.


To Learn/ To Look/ To Live/ To Cry/ To Push/ To Surf/To Wonder/To Ring/ To Talk/ To Hate

Thank you!

Mr Carey

Mr Carey’s CE2 group – for 20th May 2019

Dear Students/Parents,

I hope that you had a great holiday and are ready for a new term! This week in class we will be looking at pollution and natural resources in Unit 11 of  ‘Oxford Discover 2’. For next week’s spelling test please prepare the following words and your ten sentences:

Wood/Smoke/Land/Reduce/Reuse/Recycle/Nature/Natural Resources/Trash/Pollution


Thank you,

Mr Carey


Mr Carey’s CE2 group- Revision Notes for English Exam 2 / 15-16 April 2019

Dear Students,

I heard amazing things about your poetry performance on Friday. Thank you for making me proud!

It’s exam time again, but do not panic! I have a list of revision notes here to help you to revise. If you revise these topics and focus in class this week you will have nothing to worry about.

Get started and good luck!

CE2 Revision Notes for April Contrôle

Thank you

Mr Carey


Mr Carey’s CE2 group – for 08th April

Dear Students,

For your homework this week please fill in the following worksheet on irregular simple past tense verbs and some of your recent vocabulary. If you can’t print the sheet for some reason, please write the answers on a sheet of paper, numbering the questions carefully.

CE2 fill in the spaces past irregular and vocab

Please also revise your poem for the competition this Friday! Remember to use actions and to perform it with heart. Do your best!

Thank you,

Mr Carey