Mr Carey’s CE2 group – for 03rd June

Dear Students,

To follow on from this weeks classwork, please write two sentences for each of the following verbs, one sentence for the PRESENT SIMPLE and one sentence for the PRESENT CONTINUOUS. Use time expressions when appropriate such as ‘Everyday/ Sometimes/At this moment/Weekly’. Open your class copybook beside you so that you can refer to our classwork and examples!

In total you should have 20 sentences that clearly show that you understand when to use present continuous and when to use present simple.


To Learn/ To Look/ To Live/ To Cry/ To Push/ To Surf/To Wonder/To Ring/ To Talk/ To Hate

Thank you!

Mr Carey

DATES: Cambridge YLE Exams

Dear Parents and Students

The Cambridge YLE Exams are held over two days here at Eurecole.

Monday, 27 May 2019 – ORAL

Tuesday, 28 May 2019 – WRITING, READING, LISTENING

We have been revising together in class and everyone will have completed two mock exams by the end of the week.  However, it is important that you study the Word List Picture Book that has been posted for each exam level.

Keep up the excellent work!

The English Team        Related image

Ms. B’s CE2 Group — For 27 May 2019

Dear Parents and Students,

The 27th of May will be the final day of preparation for the Reading and Writing test of YLE Starters Exam which will be held on the 28th of May.

The vocabulary list is part of our group’s CE2 program, so even if your child is not taking the exam, our exercises correspond to our learning goals this year.Capture d’écran 2019-05-20 à 17.39.18.png

For next Monday’s homework, we will be working on Starters flash cards on the following worksheets, copies of which will be given tomorrow, the 21st of May:

STARTERS Vocabulary Exercise

Students should label each image. Further instructions will be given in class.

Thank you,
Ms. B

Mr Carey’s CE2 group – for 27th May

Dear Students,

Your homework this week is in your class textbook Oxford Discover 2.

Please read page 117 (c) on SETTING and ‘A Juice Carton’s Diary’ on pages 117-19.

  1. Underline in blue: 3 x Present Continuous (E.g. I am singing…)
  2. Underline in black: 3 x Irregular Past Simple Tense verbs (E.g. bought/thought)
  3. Answer B and C on page 120 of your textbook.

Good luck!

Mr Carey

CE2 STARTERS Speaking Test — Monday, 27 May 2019

Dear Parents and Students,

To further prepare for the YLE STARTERS Exam, here are some videos taken during the speaking test. You will have your speaking test on Monday, the 27th of May. The exact time of your individual test will be given to you.

Click here to read the examiner comments on Tommaso’s speaking test.

Click here to read the examiner comments on Paolo’s speaking test.

Click here to read the examiner comments on Rebecca’s speaking test.

Good luck,
The English Team