Ms. B’s CP Group — For 11 June 2019

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Dear Parents and Students,

We will have our second to the last spelling test next Tuesday, the 11th of June! We are working on Units 5 and 6, and Review 3 this week. The children will go home with a complete set of stories, songs and spelling preparation sheets this Friday. (Please send your child’s new plastic folder with a fastener, if he/she does not have one yet.)

Click here for Spelling Preparation Sheet Unit 5 and Spelling Preparation Sheet Unit 6, if you need an extra one.

Here are the videos for the two units:

Our spelling test will be on Tuesday, as Monday is a public holiday. Have a fantastic long weekend!

Thank you,
Ms. B

Ms. B’s CP Group — For 3 June 2019

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Dear Parents and Students,

We have worked very hard, learning TWO spelling lists per week and writing longer sentences on our own! We do not have a full week to do our exercises in our work book, so we will take a quick break and enjoy the stories, the song and the game that go with Units 5 and 6.

Click here for the stories, the song, and the game for Units 5 and 6.

Practice reading the stories so that you can read them out loud in class when I call on you next week! Read the lyrics of the song, too, so that we’ll all be ready to sing it. I’ve also included the game page so you can play with the words from our new units!

The children did not bring home anything this week, but if you have not yet given the new plastic folder with a fastener, please bring it on Monday as I would like to put in all the worksheets for our last month. Thank you very much!

Enjoy your long weekend,
Ms. B