Ms. B’s CP Group — For 17 December 2018 and 7 January 2019

SPELLING TESTS #8 and #9 — short u

Dear Parents,

This week, we will finish our Oxford Phonics World 2 Workbook, and begin revisions for the English exam scheduled on the 14th and 15th of January.

As part of our revision, I am uploading the spelling preparation for Units 7 and 8 for words with the short vowel U sound.  We will have our guided spelling tests on the 17th of December and the 7th of January for the last two units of our workbook, as the exam will cover all the short vowel sounds.

As usual, these spelling preparation sheets will be in your child’s Fun File. If you need or would like to make extra copies, click on the links below:

Spelling Preparation Sheet for 17 December 2018

Spelling Preparation Sheet for 7 January 2019

The revision outline/notes will be posted shortly.

Thank you,

Ms. B

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Revision Notes for English Exam — 14 and 15 January 2019

Dear Students,                                    Image result for Free clipart exam time

Your English teacher will be posting a revision outline before the holidays. Please read it carefully and start revising! The more time you put into revision work, the easier it will be when you take your exam. Your efforts will be rewarded with a better mark!

Happy studying!


Mr Seear’s CP Homework due 10th December

Dear Parents,

I appreciate all the efforts this semester to ensure that the students are arriving to class prepared for their lessons. Great Job so far. This week I am setting a simple word search for homework.

The students should be able to complete this without too much help, I would encourage you to supervise, but allow the students to complete this on their own.


Mr Seear

CP Homework


Ms. B’s CP Group — For 10 December 2018

SPELLING TEST #7 — short o 

Dear Parents,

Some students have been coming back without the spelling preparation completed, and the results show that without practice, the children have difficulties writing the words correctly.

Our next spelling test will cover the words from Unit 6 of our Oxford Phonics World 2 Workbook. We are working on this unit this week and the children will bring the workbook and the Fun File (plastic folder) home this Friday, as usual. The Spelling Preparation Sheet will already be printed out and put in the Fun File.

If your child is/was absent or you would like to print out an extra copy, click on this link for Spelling Preparation Sheet for 10 December 2018. A point will be deducted from the spelling test if the spelling preparation sheet is not submitted or is incomplete!

Please sign on/initial the pages of the workbook that have been done in class, as well as  the sheets in the Fun File, when they are sent home. Kindly make sure all of the materials are brought back to school on Monday.

Thank you very much,

Ms. B

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