Mr Carey’s CP group- for 23rd September

Dear Parents/Students,

This week we learnt how to spell our names in class. I would like you to watch the following short video two times. The character’s introduce themselves and spell out their names.

Afterwards I would like you to answer the following 2 questions in your homework copybook. Do not write the questions. Please write your two sentences carefully!

1) What is your name?

My name is _________________________.

2) How do you spell your name?

It’s _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.


Thank you,


Mr Carey


Mr Carey’s CP Group-for 16th September

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome back to school! I am very excited to be teaching you this year. Here is your first homework assignment:


Remember:  All homework assignments (French, English, German, Spanish) are to be done in your purple « cahier de devoirs« . You can do the homework directly in the notebook or if you prefer, you can print the homework assignment and glue the finished copy into your « cahier de devoirs ». 

Looking forward to reading your work!

Mr Carey






Anabel, CP gr. 1, Test para el próximo martes 19/3/19


Pour la semaine prochaine c’est un test à nouveau. On continue avec la nourriture “LOS ANIMALES”, donc pas de préparation écrite à faire au préalable. Comme pour le test anterieur il faut juste connaître le vocabulaire pour faire des activités du type de celles travailles en clase.

Vous trouverez ci joint un document avec les images et les mots à réviser.

Anabel 😉

vocabulario animales CP