Mr Carey’s CE1 class – for 09th March

Dear Students,

Please bring your new reading book to class with you, ‘The Snail and the Whale’ every day. Thanks.


  1. Spellings: Learn BY HEART or their is no point to the exercise. Parents please check that your child knows the words by heart. Spellings: a tiny snail/ a big whale/ the deep blue sea/ the black rock/an enormous wave
  2. Reading: Read along with the story two times by using this video to help you:

Thank you,

Mr Carey

Mr Carey’s CE1 group – for 24th February

Dear Students/Parents,

The following is your homework over the holiday period. Have a great break!


Reading: Finish reading ‘An Enormous Crocodile’ and be ready to talk about the story in class.  (I hope you have ordered and received the other books that will follow this one in March!)


Complete the following worksheet. You can write your answer directly into your cahier de devoirs (numbering answers carefully) or print it up yourself.

crocodile worksheet


Spellings (by heart/cahier de devoirs):

coconuts/a piece of wood/ a blue seesaw/ a fast merry-go-round

Happy holidays,

Mr Carey


Mr Carey’s CE1 group – for 03rd February

Dear Students/Parents,

Two reminders to parents:

1) Homework has to be completed for every Monday and in the cahier de devoirs (unless otherwise stated/sometimes we use the workbook also). Parents must ensure that the work is completed and to a high standard. They must also sign the copybook and ensure that corrections are completed in the copybook. Some students come repeatedly unprepared or half prepared for our class on Monday. Let’s change this so that our children keep progressing and learning.

2) Four color pens only are allowed in English class. Students are bringing all sorts of pens to class or forgetting their pens all together. We use the four colors for various tasks.

This week

1) Reading:

Please continue to read ‘An Enormous Crocodile’ until the moment where Muggle-Wump the monkey saves the children from the crocodile seesaw (page 16 in my edition). You can also listen to the story as you read along on the youtube video I posted last week.

2) Writing:

Please write the following sentences carefully into your orange class copybook (no spelling mistakes). Then read the text three times:

My Reading Book

The author of the book is Roald Dahl.

The title of the book is ‘An Enormous Crocodile’.

The story is set in Africa.

The story begins in a muddy river in Africa.

The main character is an enormous crocodile.

He is a very greedy and hungry crocodile.

He is not a kind animal. He is very unkind.

He is mean!

3) English Viewing:

Watch this video:


Thank you,

Mr Carey


Mr Carey’s CE1 group – for 27th January


Dear Students/Parents,

By now you should have all obtained a copy of our reading book ‘The Enormous Crocodile’ by Roald Dahl. We are working on this textbook in class at the moment. Do not worry if your child finds it challenging at first. Encourage them to use the ‘phonics’ which they learnt in CP to help them with new words.

You are required to read the first 8 pages (until the Rol-Poly Bird flies away) for next Monday 27th January.

Please have ordered the other reading texts by now so that there will be no delays in receiving them (see previous ‘BEAR’ blog posts if you are still unsure).

To help your child in reading the text we are working on key vocabulary in class this week. Their spellings this week come from this vocabulary.

Also, I would advise that your child listen to the following recording on YouTube and read along (the book is in three parts on YouTube). This is a learning aide, it is NOT a substitute for reading the text. It will help with pronunciation and comprehension however.If your child does not read the text aloud to an adult, they will lose much of the benefits of this reading programme.


1) Practice the spelling words in your cahier de devoirs x 3. Cover, Copy, Check:

you crunch nuts/an enormous crocodile/mud/river/a muddy river/pig/piggy bank/my jaws/a long bone

2) Read along with the following recording of ‘The Enormous Crocodile’ until the Roly-Poly bird flies away (page 8 in my edition). If the link below does not work, simple enter the following in your YouTube searchbar:

The Enormous Crocodile (part 1)


Thank you for your hard work. The children are making lots of progress!

Mr Carey

Mr Carey’s CE1 group – for 20th January

Dear Students/ Parents,

Reading Books:

I am delighted to see that so many students have already ordered the BEAR programme reading books for 2020! If you have not already ordered your children’s reading books for the comings months please do so today. The amazon links are to be found at the following blog post link and I advise you to order them all together so they will arrive promptly. You can copy and paste the following link:


Please learn by heart the dialogue between Mum and Max on page 56 of the ‘Family and Friends’ textbook. There is a copy of the page here, simple click on the link! We will practice these in class next week also. You can help your child to learn this by playing one of the roles in the dialogue and then swapping roles. Your child will be tested and graded on their performance of the dialogue.

Dialogue for CE1

Thanking you,

Mr Carey





Mr Carey’s CE1 group – for 13th January 2020

Happy New Year!

I hope that everybody is ready to work hard this term! We made a lot of progress in 2019 so let’s continue to build on this.

Parents, please continue to support your children in their homework and English learning. All parents should have checked their children’s copybooks and textbooks over the holidays, as requested in the previous homework blog post. Some parents are not ensuring that their child completes their corrections. Your child will fall behind quickly if this is not done, especially in their spellings.

1) Please learn the following words by heart. Remember, COVER, WRITE, CHECK as we have practised many times in class. Do this three times (at least) in your cahier de devoirs. There will be a test on Monday so be prepared and get full marks.

two old shoes/ the shoemaker/ three gold coins/ the shop/ the cute elf/ blue leather shoes

2) Please check this December post and order your children’s reading texts today if you have not done so already.

Thank you and take care,

Mr Carey






Mr Carey’s CE1 group – for 06th January 2020


Dear Students,

Christmas is here! You have worked very hard this term so I hope you are proud of yourself. Over the holidays please:

1) Get your parents to check your work and sign your ‘Family and Friends’ workbook and your copybook. Don’t forget!

2) Read your BEAR programme book: ‘The Shoemaker and the Elf’. There will be a test on this text when we return in January!

Link here:

Thank you and have a special holiday!

Mr Carey


Mr Carey’s CE1 group – for 16th December

Dear Students,

It’s Christmas time so to get into the spirit of things, this week please learn the following Christmas song by heart. The words are below as well as a video link so you can sing-along! Pay attention to the adjectives under-lined also!

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Had a very shiny nose
And if you ever saw it
You would even say it glows
All of the other reindeer
Used to laugh and call him names
They never let poor Rudolph
Join in any reindeer games
Then one foggy Christmas Eve
Santa came to say
« Rudolph, with your nose so bright
Won’t you guide my sleigh tonight? »
Then how the reindeer loved him
As they shouted out with glee
« Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
You’ll go down in history »
Here is a video link of the song:
Mr Carey

Mr Carey’s CE1 Group-for 16th September

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome back! Your first homework assignment is as follows:

CE1 homework for 16th Sept

Remember:  All homework assignments (French, English, German, Spanish) are to be done in your purple « cahier de devoirs« . You can do the homework directly in the notebook or if you prefer, you can print the homework assignment and glue the finished copy into your « cahier de devoirs ». 

Thank you!

Mr Carey

Mr Carey’s CE1 group – for 17th June

Dear Students,

For this week’s homework we continue to concentrate on our reading programme. Please read the storybook in your bag at home. Each student has been given a reading book today.

Read it out loud and read it with an adult present also.

I will test your reading of a page of this text in class next week so be prepared and do NOT forget to bring this reading book to class!

Thank you,

Mr Carey

Mr Carey’s CE1 Group- for 11th June 2019

Dear Students,

This week we will focus on our reading aloud skills. Please read our next ‘reading book’ which I will give you in class this week. You will be asked to read some of the text in class next Monday also, so please practise it!

Also some students still have the previous reading book ‘Three Little Rabbits’ at home. Please bring it back to school,

Thank you!

Mr Carey

Mr Carey’s CE1 group – Revision Notes for English Exam 2 / 15-16 April 2019

Dear Students,

Well done on performing your poems so beautifully last week!

It’s exam time again! Do not worry though, you have worked hard this term and the exam is just a chance to show me all that you’ve learnt!

Here’s what to do:

Read over your class copybook from January to April. This will help you to revise the vocabulary and grammar we studied together and it won’t take you too long to do.

If you revise the following points, you will do very well in the exam:

CE1 Revision Notes for April Contrôle

We will be revising together in class this week too.

Thank you,

Mr Carey

Mr Carey’s CE1 Group – for 01st April

Dear Students,

Reading: This week please read the first story in the storybook you have borrowed about the boy who wants a goldfish. For the students who forgot to read ‘Three Little Rabbits’ (last week’s homework) please do it this week! Read the story aloud to an adult.

Poetry Competition: Please learn the following poem by heart (‘The Voice’ by Shel Silverstein) for our poetry competition. We will study the poem in class this week too. Enjoy yourself!

Thank you,

Mr Carey

Mr Carey’s CE1 group – for 25th March 2019

Dear Students/Parents,

For next week’s spelling test please practise these words:


Remember, as always, to hand your work up on a sheet of paper or on the attached spelling sheet. Practise each word 3 times. Cover the word, practise the spelling and learn BY HEART!

Also each student has a copy of the book ‘Three Little Rabbits’. Please practise reading this text at home!


Parents, please read the blog instructions carefully and remember to check the blog weekly for details of your child’s homework assignments. Please ensure that the homework is completed so that your child can be graded and does not fall behind in class. Thank you for your continued help and support!

Mr Carey

Mr Carey’s CE1 group – for 18th March

Dear Students,

Welcome back to school! This week we will continue to look at ‘My Home’ in class. Please draw a picture of your home on a sheet of paper and label all of the rooms carefully.  Here is a list of vocabulary to help you. Pay attention to your spellings!

My House: Kitchen/Living Room/Dining Room/Bathroom/Bedroom/Garden/Balcony/Elevator/Stairs/Window/Door/Table/Chair.

Also answer this question under your picture:

Do you live in a house or an apartment?

Thank you,

Mr Carey

Mr Carey’s CE1 group – for 11 March

Dear Students,

Please learn the following spellings for your test after the holidays:

I wear/an/orange/shirt/a/pink/house/school/park

Also revise these words again as I will test you when we come back:


Remember to practise your spellings as I showed you in class (cover/write/check) and learn the words by heart.

Well done on ALL of my CE1 students for returning their homework on time this week. This is a wonderful start to the week. Let’s keep on this track! Thanks and enjoy the holidays,

Mr Carey

Mr Carey’s CE1 Group-for 29th January

Dear Students,

Well done on completing your exams recently. I look forward to getting the results back to you this week!

For your homework this week please prepare the following spellings. Make sure that an adult checks your completed work and that you have learnt the words by heart. Some of these words we have learnt before but need to revise:

Spelling list: I am, you are, mother, father, brother, sister, family, brown, green, pink, yellow, black, white.

Good luck!!


Mr Carey’s CE1 Group – Revision Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

I hope that you are all very excited for the holidays! We don’t want to overload you with work over the festive season but as we have exams in January, there is some light revision to be found on the following pages of the class textbook ‘Family and Friends 1’:








Also please read over the pages of your class copybook. That’s it folks! We will have a week of revision in school before we sit out exams. Happy Christmas and thanks for all your hard work this term!

Mr Carey

Anabel, CE1 gr.2 ELM (bilingües), lista de revisión para el control del 14/15 de enero



Aquí tenéis la lista de revisión por temas para el control del 14 y 15 de Enero.

revion bil CE1 1trim

Es aconsejable revisar cada día un poquito, todos los temas están trabajados en clase y los conocéis bien.

A la vuelta revisaremos todos juntos en clase.

¡Felices fiestas y feliz año nuevo!



High Frequency Words: A Spelling Aid for Students of English

Image result for spellingDear Parents/Students,

Please find attached a list of high-frequency words or ‘common’ words in English. These are words that are used every day in writing and speaking. All students of English would benefit greatly from knowing how to say and spell this list of words. Although many of the words may seem too simple to warrant extra attention, it is our experience in correcting your child’s written work that these small words often pose greater problems than the more ‘difficult’ words.

This is an optional download for parents and students. This is NOT a homework exercise and will not be graded or corrected by the English team. It is simply offered as a learning aid for your children to use at home, should you wish to use it. We advise that your child works through the list of words in their own time, practising the spelling and reading of these words. Perhaps you can incorporate five words into their study sessions? Or ten words at the weekend? It will benefit their writing, build on their confidence and improve their grades in school tests.

HFWs for spellings

Thank you,

The English Team


Mr Carey’s CE1 Group-For 10th December

Dear Students,

Well done on completing your homework this week! For next Monday please practise your spelling on the spelling sheet below (or on a sheet of paper if you do not have access to a printer). Don’t forget to learn them properly, just as you were shown in class (cover, don’t just copy)!





Mr Carey




Anabel, CE1 grupo 2 ELM (bilingües), preparación test para el próximo martes 4/12/18



Para la próxima semana hay que preparar una « NOTICIA » y exponerla en clase delante de sus compañeros.

Llevamos unos días trabajando la noticia: qué es, cómo se elabora, qué partes tiene.. así que para el próximo martes, ellos tendrán que redactar su propia noticia (inventada o real) con todas las partes de ésta. Deben hacer la parte escrita en una hoja y saber explicarla sin necesidad de leerla.

Para ayudar a prepararla, aquí os dejo un pequeño resumen del tema:


Mr Carey’s CE1 Group – For 12th November 2018

Dear Students,

Welcome back after the holidays! I hope you all had a wonderful and scary Halloween break! For your spelling test we are going to review the spellings from before the holidays and add one or two new words. Therefore we have 15 words for this test! Remember to practise learning these words just as we practised on the whiteboard in school.


I look forward to seeing how good your spellings are. If you can’t print the spelling sheet, you can use a sheet of paper instead.



Mr Carey

Mr Carey’s CE1 Group – For 05th November

Dear Students,

Well done on a fantastic week learning about ‘Toys’ and ‘The Body’ in class!

For your homework over the holidays please answer questions 3 and 4 on page 29 of your textbook ‘Family and Friends 1’. You can write your answers directly into the book.

Also you can listen to all of our songs using the CD attached to the back of your textbook.

Do not forget to bring your book and copybook back after the holidays!

I hope you have fun holidays!

Mr Carey

Mr Carey’s CE1 Group – for 15th October 2018

Dear Students/Parents,

Here is the spelling list for next week’s test. Remember to cover the words and practise them three times in order to learn them by heart. Do not just copy the words out without learning them properly!


You can use the attached spelling sheet or (if you do not have a printer) simple work on a sheet of paper. Parents please check that the work is being completed properly.


Thank you,

Mr Carey


Mr Carey’s CE1 Group -For 24th September

Dear Students,

This week please learn this song at home. We have practised this in class. There is a youtube link to help if parents need this!

( )

Sing a rainbow!
Red and yellow and pink and green
Purple and orange and blue.
I can sing a rainbow
Sing a rainbow
Sing a rainbow too.
Listen with your eyes
Listen with your eyes
And sing everything you see
You can sing a rainbow
Sing a rainbow
Sing along with me!
Red and yellow and pink and green
Purple and orange and blue.
We can sing a rainbow
Sing a rainbow
Sing a rainbow too!

Thank you,

Mr Carey

Ms. B’s CE1 Group — For 17 September 2018

Dear Parents and Students,

We have started using one of our course books, Cambridge Global English 1 Learner’s Book. The words for our first spelling test of the year are from the Starter Unit.

Here are the words for Spelling Test #1 on the 17th of September:

  1. one
  2. two
  3. three
  4. four
  5. five
  6. six
  7. seven
  8. eight
  9. nine
  10. ten

Bonus: numbers

Click on this link for our CE1 Spelling Preparation Sheet. You will be provided with a hard copy in class for this first spelling test.

Please bring your completed spelling preparation sheet on Monday, the 17th of September. One point will be deducted from your spelling test score if you do not submit it. Remember to use a blue pen, keep your work neat, and write legibly.

Thank you,

Ms. B

Mr Carey CE1 Group 1 Revision Notes for Test

Dear Students,

Your English Exam 2 will be held during English classes on the 9th and 10th of April 2018. Here are the key things to revise in your textbook:

P20 and P22 Parts of the body (Arms, Fingers etc)

P30 and P32 Jobs

P36 and P37 The Park (Seesaw, slide, pool etc)

P42 and P44 Family

P21 This is/These are

P28 Q2 Match

P31 He’s/She’s

P37 In/On/Under

P43 Mum‘s/ Dad‘s/Rosy‘s etc (‘s) « This is Rosy‘s kite. »

We will also revise in class.

Thank you,

Mr Carey





Ms Chiang CE1 Group 3 — For January 29, 2018

Dear Students,

As you know, « The Four Seasons » will be our theme for Open Day.  For this reason, your homework this week is to write five sentences about your favourite season on the worksheet below.

You can write about the colours you see, the things you eat, what you wear, the activities you can do, what the trees look like, what the animals and birds are doing, the weather .. You should use the vocabulary and information about the four seasons from Units 7 and 8 of Oxford Discover 1 (pages 68 – 83).

Don’t forget, you only need to write about one season!

On Monday I will ask you to read out your work to the class and I look forward to hearing what you have written.

Ms Chiang