Mr Seear’s CP Homework Due May 27th

Dear Parents,

Attached is a PDF for a listening exercise to be done by Monday the 27th of May. This is both a listening and reading activity. If you would like to help your child with the work, please try to allow them to choose the correct answers on their own.

This is the link for the listening. It can be played on a PC, Phone or Tablet.


Here is the link for the Worksheet.

CP Due- May 27


Hope you have a great week,

Mr Seear


Ms. B’s CP Group — For 27 May 2019

Dear Parents and Students,

It is such a pleasure to see how the students are writing sentences with ease during our spelling tests! We are now learning words from Units 3 and 4 this week.

Here are the Spelling Preparation Sheets for Monday, the 27th of May:

Unit 3 Spelling Preparation Sheet

Unit 4 Spelling Preparation Sheet

Thank you for the new plastic folders! For those who were not able to get it last weekend, please send it to school as soon as possible. Also, there are still a few who have not given back English Exam 2, or forgot their Work Books or orange notebooks at home. Please make sure all these are sent back as we will be using them everyday.

Here are the videos from Unit 3:

And here are the ones from Unit 4:

Thank you,
Ms. B

UPDATED / Ms. B’s CP Group — For 20 May 2019

Oxford-phonics-world-4-workbook-consonant-blendsDear Parents and Students,

Congratulations to Aiko, the winner of our Poetry Recitation Contest! And a big round of applause for everyone who performed so very well! 👏👏🏻👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾👏🏿

For Monday, could you please bring a new plastic folder for our work for the last trimester? (Some students have already given me one.)

The second exam was given out last week, and many have already returned them to me. For those who have not, kindly sign on the cover page after going over the exam, and send them back as soon as possible.

UPDATE: They are also bringing home their orange notebook. We have started writing our poems! The children know that they should draw what they understand from the poems on the opposite page. They also know that they should only use colored pencils (and not markers). The notebook should be brought back on Monday so that they can discover and write other poems!

We have started on our new course book: Oxford Phonics World 4 Work Book!!! The children are very excited, and are going through the exercises so quickly that we can do our weekly spelling test for two units. As usual, I will be sending home the spelling preparation sheets on Friday along with their new work books. In case you need extra copies, here are the files:

Spelling Preparation Unit 1

Spelling Preparation Unit 2

Here are the videos for Unit 1:


And here are the videos for Unit 2:

Thank you very much,
Ms. B