Mr Carey’s CM group- for 14th October 2019

Dear Students,

Please complete your spelling words in the ‘Cahier de Devoirs’ and also the following worksheet on the use of the Past Continuous/Simple.


Worksheet CM EMT Past Continuous/Past Simple

If you can’t print the worksheet, as always you can write your answers directly into your ‘Cahier de Devoirs’. Remember to number your work carefully.

Thank you!

Mr Carey

Ms. B’s CM Group — For 7 October 2019

Dear Parents and Students,

Here are this week’s results:
CE1 — 86%
CE2 — 75%
CM —  100% 
Congratulations to my CM group, this week’s and this month’s winners!!! 🏆 #TeamEffort

PREPARATION and TEST / BEAR Program Comprehension Test #1
As we now all have read our BEAR book, we will have a comprehension test on THE LITTLE MATCH GIRL next Monday. To help prepare for the test, rewrite the words below on the purple homework notebookRewrite them three times following the format we discussed in class:

For Monday, 7 October 2019
Comprehension Test #1

  1.  match
  2.  apron
  3.  coach
  4.  bare
  5.  beautiful
  6.  corner
  7.  against
  8.  flame
  9.  knife
  10.  fork

B. soul

Continue to practice your alphabet songs and our TH tongue twister!

Thank you and have a great week,
Ms. B

P.S. Parents, kindly remember to sign on the pages of books and notebooks that are brought home on Fridays, and to send them back to school on Mondays. Thank you!

Mr Carey’s CM group- for October 07th

Dear Students,

Please read the following ‘Restaurant Dialogues’ carefully and learn the second dialogue ‘At a Restaurant with Friends’ by heart! Be ready to perform/recite this dialogue with your classmates for Monday’s testing. You will not get good grades if you do not learn the text accurately and by heart.

Restaurant Dialogues

If you do not understand a word, look it up in the dictionary please, no excuses!

Thank you,

Mr Carey


Reading Programme

                                  BEAR                                      (Be Excited About Reading)    PROGRAMME

Image result for clipart free bear reading


Dear Parents and Students!

Reading is so exciting! Isn’t it great to read a good book? Can you believe there is only one more week left before the month of September is over! As announced at the beginning of the school year and at the parents meeting, you should have finished reading your first BEAR book by the end of September. Make sure you’ve read the book and are prepared for a reading comprehension quiz on Monday, 30 September 2019!




Ms. Smith’s CM group- for September 30th

Hello! Here is your list of spelling words for next week. Please write the words in a short sentence. Underline each spelling word and don’t forget to use correct punctuation!

  1. because
  2. clock
  3. supper
  4. brush
  5. recess
  6. teeth
  7. with
  8. school
  9. breakfast
  10. activity

Remember, it’s your responsibility to complete and hand in your homework on the due date!

Happy studying! 🙂